DB Comms & Electrical provide CCTV installations across the North West. We specialise in the design and installation of the latest digital technology, including networking, so all we need to do is set you up with an I.P. address and you can view your CCTV system world wide via the internet.


We use the latest CCTV cameras, mainly from the likes of Samsung, Sony and Ganz. The performance of these systems has to be seen to be believed and should not to be confused with many of the cheap and poor quality self-install CCTV systems.





We can offer single line easy fire systems. We offer design, supply, installation and regular maintenance of a wide range of fire alarm systems in the North West. We are not tied to particular suppliers and have a constantly changing stock ensuring we get the best deals on parts.


Because of our position we can also eliminate any delays due to product supply - greatly increasing our chances of meeting tight deadlines. We also install soft interlink smoke alarm systems with mains 240v and back up battery this system comes with heat detectors which we install into kitchen areas.


  • - Fire alarm installation of fire alarm systems to your home or work place

  • - Services include fire alarm system design and installation, emergency lighting

  • - Installation of systems ranging from single zone controls to multi addressable systems

  • - Easy fire panels

  • - Soft interlink electrical smoke alarms, plus heat detectors for kitchens




DB Comms & Electrical work at a very high standard and as a team to give you the very best security alarm installation. Our engineers install top name alarm equipment from Accenta, Texicom, Ade, Premier, and many more.

Our aim is to make sure you feel safe whether your in bed at night or away on holiday.


Don't wait till its to late!


Feel safe. Be safe. Choose DB Comms & Electrical to give you that peace of mind





DB Comms & Electrical install two types of door entry systems, Audio system or AV & audio system.






Our engineers install a small unit to the side of your front door, we then install an internal phone to the inside of your property, then when you get a visitor your internal phone will ring ,you simply pick up your phone and see who's at your front door before letting them in. When you are happy to let them in all you need to do is press a button that is on the inside of your phone which allows them to enter just by a push of a button, this unit can also be used as two way communication device.




This system is as above but allows you to see who is at your front door by a little monitor on your internal phone.

This is a great product for women living alone, the elderly or vulnerable and anyone concerned about personal security or intimidation. It enables you to see who's at the door before opening it.


For more information on all our security products please contact us